What To Look At When Buying A Camping Cot

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What To Look At When Buying A Camping Cot


What To Look At When Buying A Camping CotCamping can become disheartening for most people because they aren't able to get a good night's rest. There is possibilities of you getting sick because you sleep on the floor that you are not used to. Apart from getting sick, you'll also need to be worried about flying and non-flying insects which could bite you. In case you genuinely want to enjoy your camping adventure to the fullest, I highly recommend investing in a camping cot

Your camping experience will be significantly improved with a camping cot. You will be able to rest peacefully because you are elevated above the ground and the possibility of non-flying insects biting you is minimal. Bites from a number of non-flying insects can be very deadly. You can avoid such things from occurring by simply using a camping cot.

There are two different types of camping cots: End bar design along with No-End Bar design.

End Bar Design Cots - The poles of the cots create an 'X' shape at each end. They are very stable and provide full support to your body. The issue with end bar design cots is that they have sharp edges. There's chances of these edges cutting a hole on the tent floor.

No-End Bar Construction Cots - No-End Bar Design cots have 4 rectangle-shaped bars spread along the cot. Just like end bar design cots, they offer full support for the body too.

Polyester Material is used in the manufacturing of both End Bar and Non-End bar construction cots. Polyester material works extremely well simply because of its toughness and water resistant quality. The frames are typically manufactured from steel or an alloy of aluminum. Aluminum can be used because of its strength, flexibility and lightness.

The majority of camping cots weigh anywhere from 8 lbs to 22 lbs. Depending on the features of the cot, the costs will vary. The simplest of cots cost you about $20-$30. The high-end cots with several features like the option to change the cot into a camping chair or a bench cost roughly between $100-$140.

When purchasing an outdoor camping cot, there are certain things that you must remember. With the different options available in the market, you could feel overwhelmed and could end up buying the wrong cot.

Given here are some tips to assist you to select the right cot for your personal camping requirements...

1. Extra-large cots

Be sure that you buy an oversized cot. An extra-large cot (that will fit inside your tent) will enable you to have a better sleep in the night. You will be able to keep your valuables such as mobile phones, wallets, flashlight and hiking footwear on your cot while sleeping. You will not need to look for them in the dark. Plus an extra-large cot provides you with more space to stretch and turnover as you rest.

2. Stronger frames

Make sure that the frame and fabric of the cot you are purchasing are strong enough. I suggest visiting the store and getting an idea of the cot before you buy. Ensure that you test the cot by sitting down on it several times before choosing.


Selina Dorsey said...

Timber Ridge Deluxe XL Camp Cot from Bizarkdeal

This is AMAZING. I have used cots before and they are typically very stiff and uncomfortable if you do not have mat or small air mattress under you. They are great for getting you off the ground and that makes it very easy to get in and out of the sleeping arrangement, but other than that the ones that I have tried did not usually offer much more of an advantage. This cot is very comfortable. It has just a bit of sag in the webbing that allows you to get comfortable rather than the afore mention stiff straight across versions. The oversized cot allows me at 6'2" and 250 lbs. to be very comfortable and actually roll in the middle of the night if I feel like it without feeling like I was going to roll off. The elevation of the cot is perfect for not messing up your back getting up and down from the ground. It also allows you to actually store all of your stuff under it thereby leaving much more room in your tent for keeping things organized. I used this in my four person tent and it allowed me to keep everything out of the way so that I could actually stand in front of the cot and get dressed or undressed easily. The cot was so comfortable for that I was able to give up my air pad to another person in our group, who had forgotten hers, and still sleep very soundly and comfortably. I would highly recommend this cot to anyone. You don't have to be a big guy to appreciate the comfort that you will have from this one.

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